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A photo of a white dog who is sleeping on a wrapped gift

What you should consider before gifting a pet this holiday season

Gifting a pet is a major financial and emotional commitment for the recipient. And if it doesn’t work out, it can negatively affect the pet and animal shelter. Here’s why.

A photo of Dr Kwane Stewart wearing a chefs hat

Your next dog-treat recipe from Dr. Kwane Stewart

Before reaching for your plain ground turkey and brown rice, you’ll want to read Dr. Kwane Stewart’s tips for cooking your dog homemade treats.

A photo of Dr Kwane Stewart walking with a dog on a leash

Dr. Kwane Stewart shares: tips for exercising with your dog

Exercising is a great way to bond with your pet, but Dr. Kwane Stewart explains how to tell if your pup has has enough of the workout.

A photo of Jay McClellan holding a painting of a Golden Retriever

People of the pack: artist Jay McClellan turns pet photos into art

How two rescue dogs helped encourage an aspiring artist to start painting pet portraits full-time.

A photo of an English Bulldog who is sitting in a car

Don't let your dog hang their head out the car window. Here's why

Letting your pup hang their head out the car window is unsafe for so many reasons. Luckily, there are alternative ways for them to smell the fresh breeze.

A photo of a dogs paw thats being held by a person

Dr. Antin shares: How to trim a dog’s nails

Like people, dogs’ nails can grow too long, and the growth can pose safety risks for them. Dr. Evan Antin has tips for trimming your pup’s nails at home and shares what to expect at a nail-trimming appointment.

Photo by Albany Capture on Unsplash

Trainer Michael Hill shares 3 ways to stop dogs from food begging

If your dog barks at you for food, it’s OK to want to curb that behavior. But there are some things you shouldn’t do when training your dog.

A photo collage of Dr Kwane Stewart and a service dog

6 qualities of great service dogs, according to Dr. Kwane Stewart

Service dogs make life easier for their parents, but there are some do’s and don’t for people passing them on the street.

A photo of Dr Kwane Stewart who is holding a brown dog outside

Dr. Kwane Stewart shares why you should adopt less-adoptable pets

Did you know that some pets are considered less adoptable? We couldn’t believe it either.

A photo collage of Dr Evan Antin holding two dogs

Dr. Evan Antin shares: Eastern vs. Western pet medicine

Eastern veterinary medicine might be less invasive than Western practices, but it’s not always as successful. There are advantages and disadvantages for both types.

A photo of a dog who is hugging Dr. Evan Antin

Dr. Evan Antin shares: a pet parent’s guide to vet office etiquette

Ensuring your pet has a smooth vet visit has a lot to do with you. These are the most common faux pas pet parents make while at the vet office.

A photo of a person petting a dog on a beach

Do you feel happier after petting your dog? A study explains why

A recent study proves that petting dogs benefits humans, but we’re not the only ones benefiting from the affection.

A photo of a person who is holding a black dog

Feeling stressed? Your dog probably smells it

A study found that dogs can detect stress or anxiety in humans based on smell.

A photo of a dog who is sitting in the bathroom

Belly bands might be the solution to preventing a dog’s accidents

If your pup is struggling to control their bladder, belly bands might be a great solution.

A collage of a pug dressed as three different Halloween characters: a pirate, a cowgirl, a princess

5 ways to keep your dog safe and happy this Halloween

Halloween should be scary for all of the right reasons, meaning it shouldn’t involve your pup’s safety. These safety tips can help to ensure your holiday is celebrated without a hitch.

A photo of Michael Hill holding a teenage age dog

Is your trained dog acting out? They could in their teenage phase

Celebrity dog trainer Michael Hill shares tips on how to navigate your dog’s teenage phase.

A cat laying on a bed around toys with a string on their head

Your cat’s toy box isn’t complete without these toys

Making sure your cat isn’t bored will prevent health issues. These toys will help set you up for success.

A photo of a dog who is wearing a blue harness and running with a tennis ball in their mouth

Considering a dog harness? Bring our guide to the store with you

Are you heading to the pet store to pick out your dog’s first harness? You’ll want to make sure it meets all of your pup’s individual needs.

A photo of a white dog who is panting

Do dogs get tired of barking?

It’s normal for dogs to express themselves through barking. But if their vocalizations are excessive, you’ve likely asked yourself: Do dogs get tired of barking?

 A photo of a brown dog sitting on a hiking trail

Read these safety tips before hiking with your dog

Heading for a hike with your pup? There are a number of things you can do to prepare for and avoid any potential safety hazards.

A photo of Dr Kwane Stewart who is holding a pet

Is your vet Fear Free certified? Here’s why it’s important

Fear Free seeks to limit the stress associated with visiting the vet’s office. But its benefits stem beyond the four walls of the animal hospital.

A photo of Dr Kwane Stewart operating in an emergency room

A day in the life of an emergency room veterinarian

Animal emergency hospitals differ from your usual vet’s office. This is what it’s like to spend the day at a pet emergency room.

A photo of Dr Kwane Stewart who is holding a dog

Tips for keeping pets safe on movie and television sets

Here’s a behind-the-scenes explainer of what it’s like to be an animal actor.

A photo of a brown colored dog who is panting in the grass

What’s normal when it comes to dog panting?

Did you know that your dog's panting could be caused by reasons outside of fatigue?

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