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Through the end of this year, Fetch is matching every donation, up to $101,000, to Project Street Vet, a non-profit that provides free veterinary care to the pets of people experiencing homelessness. Last year, your generous donations ensured more than 800 pets received the support they deserve.

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Donate today, and we'll double your impact.

Fetch will match every donation, dollar-for-dollar, up to $101,000.

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Project Street Vet is growing its team committed to giving care to dogs and cats across America.

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Dr. Kwane talking to a homeless person who is holding their dog.

Our mission is to help pet parents give their pets a happier, healthier and longer life.

The pet parents that have a fierce and unbreakable bond with their pet. The ones that think of their cats or dogs before themselves.

We champion this bond with no exception.

And that’s why we’re so proud to partner with Project Street Vet. To date, Fetch has driven more than $400,000 via direct donations and fundraising efforts to support their life-saving mission. This includes the inaugural 101 Donations Campaign completed at the close of 2022, which secured more than 1500 donations from individuals and corporate partners across the U.S. and Canada.

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About Project Street Vet

Right now, there are 582,400 people experiencing homelessness in the United States. More than 58,000 of these people are pet parents. That means over 58,000 cats and dogs have pet parents that love them more than anything – but lack the veterinary care that they need.

The Project Street Vet team offers a variety of veterinary support to pets and their parents – from routine exams to lifesaving surgeries. They also take care of the things that fall somewhere in the middle, like vaccinations and flea and tick medications.

Fetch loves the work that Project Street Vet is doing. And for us, love means giving back. So with the support of Fetch and pet parents like you, Project Street Vet will be able to expand into more communities to help the people and pets who need it most.

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Meet the Project Street Vet teams.

Learn more about the communities where Project Street Vet is active, and meet the veterinarians that lead the local charge.

Team Atlanta

Team San Diego

Team Los Angeles

Team Santa Cruz

Team Orlando

Team Webster

We are committed to protecting the human-animal bond that is so vital to the livelihood of pets and the people who love them. Leading with compassion, kindness and no judgements, we seek out and assist the pets and people that need it the most.

Dr. Kwane

Dr. Kwane Stewart, DVM

Co-Founder & Board President, Project Street Vet