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A photo of an orange colored LaPerm cat who is laying on their back

LaPerm cat breed profile

This curly-haired cat breed is outgoing, inquisitive and gentle.

A collage of photos of Bombay cats

Bombay cat breed profile

This sleek, majestic cat has physical traits similar to black panthers — but much smaller! Here’s everything you need to know about this cat breed.

A photo collage of two gray colored cats

Scottish Fold breed profile

Scottish Folds may be named after their folded ears, but what if we told you that not every Scottish Fold looked the same?

A photo collage of several mixed breed dogs

Mutt or mixed-breed dog profile

Mixed-breed (also called mutt) dogs are so fun because they carry qualities from several different breeds.

A small dog looks at the camera with their head tilted

Everything you need to know about hypoallergenic dog breeds

Adopting a hypoallergenic dog breed may be the solution to your pet dander allergies; just make sure you know which breeds are best for you.

A dog plays on the beach with a stick in his mouth

How to adopt or train an emotional support animal

Are you looking for an emotional support animal? Here’s what you need to know about how to adopt or properly train your pet the right way.

A pit-mix lays on the ground with his tongue out

Adopting from an animal shelter near you

When it’s time to adopt a pet, you’ll want to find an animal shelter near you to check out all your choices. Here’s how to find and adopt from an animal shelter.

A puppy licking glass

How to adopt a pet: a step-by-step guide

When you’re ready to invite a pet into your family, here’s how to adopt the right way.

A collage of photos of two gray colored British Shorthair cats and an illustration of a white comb

British Shorthair cats: the scoop on their personalities, history and health

British Shorthair cats are great pets for people that have a chill lifestyle. They’re low-energy and appreciate some alone time.

A collage of photos of two brown colored Norwegian Forest cats with an illustration of a cat toy

Breed profile: Norwegian Forest cat

This cat breed is independent but appreciates the occasional cuddle, too.

A collage of photos of Siberian cats on a beige colored background

Here’s everything you need to know about Siberian cats

Siberian cats are playful, friendly and love a bit of adventure.

A photo of a white and gray colored dog sleeping on the couch with a child wearing a pink colored headband

7 kid-friendly dog breeds for families

A pro in dog personalities shares what traits to look for when considering the addition of a kid-friendly pup to the family.

A photo of a black and white colored Boston Terrier that is laying on a rug with booties on all four paws

5 apartment-friendly dog breeds

Smaller, easy-to-train dogs tend to do best in city apartments.

A photo of a brown and black Chihuahua mix walking on the sidewalk using a doggy wheelchair

A wheelchair helps Reuben the Chihuahua mix walk again

This little dog doesn't let his disability stop him from exploring his new home of New York City. After a serious injury, he put in the work to regain normalcy in his day-to-day life.

A photo of a gray dog wearing a blue bandana who is walking on hardwood floor

George the schnoodle proves that age is just a number

At 12 years old, this playful pup survived heart failure and more — but, you’d never know by his upbeat attitude.

A photo of a gray pitbull with yellow eyes standing on hardwood floor

Sydney the pitbull mix loves toys so much he eats them

This rescue pup’s adventurous spirit can end him up in the emergency vet clinic. But, with Fetch by The Dodo pet insurance, he’s able to get the best care and get back to exploring.

A photo of a gray and white pitbull that is sitting on top of another white dog

Greyson, the pitbull who runs a doggy daycare

This friendly pup is the heart of her parent's business — but sometimes, she can get too excited about her daily responsibilities.

A photo of a brown and white St. Bernard mix who is standing in a grassy field

A St. Bernard mix named Dante adjusts to life in a wheelchair

This pup’s family was very hands-on in his recovery process — they’re the reason he is a success story.

A photo of a white and orange cat with green eyes staring into the distance

A long hospital stay has nothing on Diego, the sassy cat

This playful cat’s feisty, confident spirit never dwindled through multiple emergency surgeries — even when moments were grim.

A photo of a light and dark brown-colored pitbull who is running in a grassy backyard

Waldorf the pitbull overcomes back-to-back surgeries

During an active day at doggy daycare, this goofy pup ended up with two knee injuries — but the unexpected vet bills didn’t stop there.

A photo of four different dogs sitting in a park with leashes on

The most popular dog names of 2021, according to new Fetch by The Dodo pets

Out of all of the dogs that were signed up for Fetch pet insurance in 2021, these were the names we saw the most.

A volunteer walks a brown and black dog on a beach in The Dig’s article about Brandywine Valley SPCA

Brandywine Valley SPCA

Since 1929, the Brandywine Valley SPCA has been getting the community involved with all aspects of animal welfare — including educational camps to teach the next generation of pet parents how to properly care for animals.

A staff member wearing a blue shirt pets an orange cat in The Dig’s article about Ontario SPCA and Humane Society

Ontario SPCA and Humane Society

Through several initiatives (like driving across an entire Canadian province to rescue animals) the Ontario SPCA & Humane Society proves there’s no distance they won’t go to to save and help animals.

A brown and white dog stands in grass with a staff member in The Dig’s article about the Jacksonville Humane Society

Jacksonville Humane Society

The Jacksonville Humane Society proves that they’ll do anything for animals — even lead a coalition to make Jacksonville the nation’s largest no-kill city.

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