Fetch by The Dodo vs. Figo pet insurance

It’s simple — Fetch covers things Figo charges extra for, or doesn’t even cover at all.

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Fetch covers more than other providers, including Figo

Fetch comes out on top when it comes to covering sick-visit exam fees, boarding in the event of hospitalization, behavioral issues and more. See highlights below.

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With Fetch’s one simple plan, you know exactly what’s covered

Fetch protects your pet against accidents and illnesses with one simple, comprehensive plan that’s easy to understand.

With Figo, you’d need to purchase a bunch of add-ons to get even close to the same coverage as Fetch’s one simple plan. And you might not know you need an add-on until it’s too late.

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With Figo, you’ll have to pay for exam fees

Fetch covers the full sick visit — including exam fees, saving you $50-$250 per visit on average.

Figo does not cover exam fees.

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Nervous cat with pet carrier doodle

Fetch has your back if you're hospitalized

We’re not just here for your pet — should you require hospitalization for 4 days or more, we’ll cover up to $1,000 of your pet’s boarding fees.

With Figo, it costs extra to cover boarding.
So you’ll either need to find someone to take care of your pet, pay expensive boarding fees, or pay for this add-on.

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Fetch knows that sometimes good boys and good girls need a little help

Fetch covers up to $1,000 in behavioral therapy and medicine.

With Figo, you must pay for an add-on to get any type of behavioral coverage for your pet.

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