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Introducing the Fetch Veterinary Advisory Board

Meet our team of veterinary professionals and pet health experts.

The Veterinary Advisory Board (VAB) is a concept that has been in development at Fetch for about a year. In essence, VAB will be the voice of veterinary community members with diverse knowledge, skills, perspectives, and experiences providing objective advice to Fetch.

VAB members were identified and selected based on their profound knowledge of the veterinary industry, pet healthcare skills and expertise, and their passion and commitment to pets, pet parents, and the veterinary community. Some members of VAB work with Fetch on a consulting basis on various projects like Project Street Vet and Fetch Forward while others are completely external to the company.

As it stands, VAB is a seven member team of top tier, educated veterinary professionals who will advocate on the behalf of pets and the people that care for them. In short, VAB will inform Fetch’s products, insurance policies, and other key company developments.

VAB will empower Fetch and ensure that it continues to offer unmatched pet insurance, advice, and love that pet parents and the veterinary community can depend on. In addition, VAB has been tasked with identifying ways Fetch can address hardships faced by the veterinary community and trends in known and emerging pet health issues.

As a veterinarian, pet parent, and policyholder myself, it’s hugely important to me that both pet parents and the veterinary community are supported in taking care of our dogs and cats in North America. With VAB in partnership with Fetch, I believe we can make a positive impact on pet healthcare and wellness to keep pets happier and healthier for as long as possible.

For more information about our new advisory board, visit fetchpet.com/vab.

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