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How does Proin help dogs?

If your pup has urinary incontinence, Proin might be a solution.

Pet potty accidents happen, but if you notice frequent wet spots or pooling where your dog is sitting, they could have urinary incontinence. If you haven’t done so already, a veterinarian checkup is due to confirm the cause of bathroom mishaps. 

But, if you’ve seen the doc and they’ve diagnosed your pup with urinary incontinence, you might’ve received a prescription for Proin. Here are some side effects you should look out for when administering this medication to your dog. 

What’s Proin for dogs?

Veterinarians prescribe Proin to dogs to help keep urine from leaking out of their bladders when they’re not intentionally peeing (aka urinary incontinence), Dr. Emily Singler, VMD, Fetch’s on-staff veterinarian, explains. It helps by improving the muscle tone of their urethral sphincter. 

“Proin doesn’t cure urinary incontinence, but it helps manage it,” Dr. Singler shares. It comes in a liquid or tablet form and can be a long-term management solution to your pup’s urinary woes.

Does Proin cause any side effects in dogs?

When giving dogs medications, there’s always the risk of them experiencing side effects. Some reactions specific to Proin include: 

More severe side effects can include weakness, fever, panting and reversible skin-color changes. Let your veterinarian know if your pup is experiencing mild or more-severe reactions to the medication. 

Dogs who have high blood pressure or conditions like heart, liver or kidney disease and glaucoma shouldn’t take Proin as it can lead to elevated blood pressure levels, Dr. Singler explains. 

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Proin dosage for dogs‍

Your veterinarian will decide the right Proin dosage for your pup based on their symptoms, weight and age. But typically, the medication is administered twice daily. Alternatively, if a dog weighs 10 pounds or more, an extended-release formula is available for once-daily administration.

If you stop giving Proin to your dog or accidentally skip a few doses, their urine incontinence will likely return until the medication’s resumed, Dr. Singler adds. Alternatively, contact your veterinarian and/or poison control if you suspect your pet may have taken more than their prescribed Proin dosage.

How long does it take for Proin to help dogs feel better?

Proin could take about an hour for pets with urinary incontinence to see a difference. However, depending on the severity of the condition and a dog’s weight and age, it could take several doses before pet parents notice any improvement.

Are there alternatives to Proin? 

There are no home remedies or over-the-counter alternatives for urine incontinence in dogs, Dr. Singler says. However, your veterinarian may prescribe estrogen-based Incurin for your female pup’s condition.

“Which medication is chosen will be largely determined by veterinarian preference, although some dogs may respond better to one medication than to another,” Dr. Singler explains.

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