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What should I know about the Fetch Health Forecast?

1. What is the Fetch Health Forecast?

The Fetch Health Forecast is the world’s first predictive artificial intelligence tool personalized for your dog. This ground-breaking technology combines artificial intelligence, veterinary care, and clinical findings from over 800,000 dogs and 500+ breeds, to predict your dog’s future health at an 85% confidence level. This highly-personalized report includes easy-to-follow recommendations to keep your dog healthy and empowers you to have informed conversations with your vet professionals.

2. Can I update or edit my dog’s information after I get their forecast? What if my dog’s health condition changes?

Once you submit your dog’s information and their Fetch Health Forecast is generated, you won’t be able to edit your pet’s details. If your dog’s health condition changes, we recommend purchasing a new forecast based on their most recent health information.  

3. Is this a subscription?

No, you will only be charged once per Fetch Health Forecast. If you would like a forecast for a different pet or your dog’s current forecast is out of date, you can always get a new one for a one-time payment. 

4. Can I get a Fetch Health Forecast for multiple pets?

Of course! The Health Forecast is unique to each dog based on their breed, age, sex, location and health history. Since every forecast is personalized, you will need to purchase a new forecast for each pet.

5. Is the Health Forecast available for cats or other animals?

A cat-focused report is in the works. In the meantime, please feel free to get a Fetch Health Forecast for a special dog in your life.

6. Does my dog’s health history or predicted health outcomes affect my Fetch Pet Insurance policy?

No, any health information or predicted health outcomes shared in your dog’s Fetch Health Forecast in no way affects your Fetch Pet Insurance policy. We do not share your dog’s health data with other parties including our own insurance service.

7. My order isn’t being processed when I try to submit a payment. What should I do?

We’re sorry you're having trouble completing your payment. Please call your bank or financial institution for additional information.

8. What should I do if my payment was processed but I still haven’t received my dog’s forecast?

Check your inbox for a confirmation email from Fetch which contains the link to your dog’s Health Forecast. Also be sure to check your spam folder, just in case. If you still can’t seem to find the email with your pet’s Fetch Health Forecast, please contact us at

9. Why isn’t my pet’s forecast loading when I click on the link?

We apologize if you’re having problems loading your dog’s Health Forecast. Please contact Fetch support at Our customer experience team will be able to assist you with any issues.

10. I entered the wrong email address or I can no longer find the email with the link to my pet’s Health Forecast. What should I do?

Contact Fetch support at Our customer experience team will help you get access to your dog’s forecast in no time.

11. Why are my pet's details in the forecast incorrect?

We do our best to ensure all the information you have entered about your pet is accurate during sign up. If the information you provided isn’t correctly shown in your dog’s forecast, please contact Fetch support at

12. Is the sale final?

Yes, the purchase of the Fetch Health Forecast is final. As part of our Terms of Service, we don’t issue refunds.

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