When can I submit a pet insurance claim?

After you first sign up for pet insurance, you have a 15-day waiting period before you can submit a claim for any unexpected vet bills. The knee, CII (cartilage type II) and ACL waiting period is 6 months. For knee and hip issues, the waiting period is 6 months. (If you don’t want to wait the 6 months for knee and hip issues, you can bypass this waiting period by having your vet examine them before the 6 months is over.) After these initial, one-time waiting periods end, you are ready to submit claims. Just be sure that you submit your claims within 90 days of your pet’s treatment and include both your paid vet bill (invoice) and your pet’s medical record. You can submit claims on your computer with our member portal, or on your phone with our app. Learn more about submitting claims.

The curable exclusionary period is 12 months. What that means is, if your pet has a curable condition on their medical record, your pet needs to go 12 consecutive months without that condition occurring again. After those 12 months, you can submit claims for your pet’s curable condition.

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